Recruitment and Six-Figure Salaries

16th October 2021

How likely are you to earn six-figure salaries as a Recruitment Consultant? Working on the frontline of the Recruitment industry, exclusively focused on placing and headhunting Recruitment professionals, Carlin Hall consultants speak to hundreds of active recruiters and hiring managers day in day out and therefore have a thorough understanding of what Recruiters do and do not earn.  We can also tell you how likely it is that you will earn six figures and if you are not already and what you need to do to get there.

Right industry

Firstly, you need to be in the right industry.  If we look back over the last couple of years the areas where we have seen the most growth include Technology, Life Science, HR, Risk, Compliance, Legal, Supply Chain, Consumer, Government, Executive Search, and Financial Services, but we are also talking to Recruiters who are earning six figures with relative ease in the Creative and Not for Profit sectors too. Two very well established and vast market areas. Employment in the UK creative sector is growing at four times the rate of the UK workforce, according to latest official statistics from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS).


Right type of Recruitment Agency

Once embedded in one of these markets you need to make sure you are working for the right type of Recruitment Agency.  A business that has processes in place that make the earning of six figures a very achievable reality for its Recruitment Consultants. A sensible, fair and strong commission scheme is a great starting point. A similar approach to basic salaries is also likely to mean that the firm manages its finances well, enabling it to reward achievement appropriately.

We would advise steering clear of recruitment firms who offer inflated basic salaries and far-fetched commission schemes. These are rarely sustainable. Turnover should be low which means Recruiters are happy and will feel they are being suitably rewarded financially.  We can attest that the Recruitment firms Carlin Hall choose to work with meet this criterium.


And most importantly…

However, above all, you need to be hard-working. Not just on a Monday, not just in the morning, not just in one month out of two, but consistently.  One very good quarter will not get you six figures, but four very good quarters should. You will be working for a company that has communicated effectually to you about how you can achieve six-figures, what your input needs to be, and over what period.

It’s usually a case of following simple processes and meeting KPIs but in a relentlessly consistent manner whilst always going that extra mile in every part of your job.  If you can manage this, and not everyone can and that’s ok too, but if it’s what you want, and you have ticked off the 3 points above, you should probably be, or on your way to earning a six-figure salary.