Speeding Up the Recruitment Process

22nd August 2019

As the war on talent intensifies employers must seek new ways to overcome critical headcount shortfalls in the future. With Brexit forever looming the landscape looks bleaker than ever with hiring managers regularly left exasperated at the lack of good and relevant applications and then the subsequent missing out on candidates to competitors.

As recruiting entrepreneurs continually try to think up new and innovative ways to win this war, and help to hire managers to secure the best talent, the re-educating of the said hiring managers should instead be the point of convergence.  Many of these new ideas on how to recruit are in fact just the same recruitment model repackaged. Instead, the recruitment industry should be focused on encouraging employers to speed things up.

We live in a different world today where life is more fast-paced.  We want, and more importantly, can have everything in an instant, so why does the recruitment process still take so long? Despite the convenience of being able to consume on demand, why can’t a candidate secure a new job on demand or within 24 hours at least?  There is nothing we can’t have in 24 hours so why can’t we get a new job in 24 hours? You can access a person’s entire life history in a moment, in the same way that you can read glass door reviews and access virtually all of a company’s information and everything about their staff in about 60 minutes. So, do we need to spend as much time reflecting anymore? Do we need the time to ponder? Aren’t our brains wired differently now?  Anything you need to know is at your fingertips.

In today’s instantaneous world an employer should meet a candidate, get them back in the next day and offer, not interview the candidate 4 times over a 2-week period.

It’s time to speed up the Recruitment process.